Tuesday, April 26, 2016

How to Email Your Middle School Teacher

When you get to middle school, you are taking your first step into being more independent. Mommy and Daddy aren’t going to email your teachers anymore, you have to do it yourself. So, in this post, I will be going over how to email your middle school teacher the right way. I learned most of these tactics from my English teacher so, when you are writing an email, make sure that it is an email that your parents would be proud of AND your English teacher would be proud of. This includes:
  • Checking for spelling-Read the email over a few times to make sure that everything you said makes sense.
  • NO TEXT LANGUAGE- Yes, that means no u instead of you and no thx instead of thanks.
  • Make it formal-Don’t use words like “stuff” or “whatever”. Use “big kid” words and make sure you know what the words MEAN!
  • Be specific-Make sure that the question you are asking is clear and well stated. If the teacher can’t understand your question, they can’t answer it!
  • Use the subject box wisely-When writing the subject for your email, make sure that it is something related to the question. For example, if you had a question about the Life Science Chapter 15 homework questions #1-4, you would type in the box,”Life Science Chapter 15 homework questions #1-4,’’ so that the teacher knows when she opens the email what you have a question about.
  • Include your name-State your first and last name and the period you have the class.

  Now that you know some key things that go into an email to your teacher, here is an example template that you can use for writing a perfect email:

  Dear (Teacher’s name),
Hello, this is (first and last name) from your (period #) (class name). I have (# of questions that you have) about the (homework/assignment) that was assigned (date homework was assigned). (State your question or questions)? Thank you for taking the time to read this email and answer my question(s).


(First and last name, period)


Friday, April 22, 2016

Are Agendas Important In Middle School?

The biggest difference between middle school and elementary school is the fact that you have more than one class, more than one teacher, and more than one homework assignment due at different times. In this post, I will talk about homework, priorities, and planning.
  One the first day of school, you will get something called an agenda(or you teachers will give you a supply list and you have to buy your own) and it has dates and under it, there are about 15-20 blank lines. And guess what they are for? WRITING HOMEWORK! For me, my agenda is one of the most important things in my backpack. It is a MUST HAVE for middle school. Since you have six classes, there is now way that you will remember all of the homework for each class by the end of the day, so use that agenda and write it down! Star or write in red pen the important things due the next day, big projects, and test dates. The agenda is all yours so use it to your advantage!
  When doing homework, the best way to work your way through Mt. Homework is to prioritize! Prioritize means to do the homework based on its due date(which you should be writing down in your handy-dandy agenda!). So, if your math homework is due on Thursday and that English essay is due tomorrow, do the English essay first and then, if you have time that afternoon, do the math homework.
  Last but not least, ALWAYS PLAN AHEAD! You will want to do this so on the day you have soccer practice, you are not freaking out because you haven’t started the huge science project that is due the next day! Don’t let that be you! Finish work ahead of time so you don’t have to stay up until 12 am and get no sleep.

  So, the bottom line here is that, in middle school, make sure that you have an agenda to help you plan ahead, prioritize, and get homework finish and turned in on time.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Something You May Not Know About Siblings

For those of you that have brothers and sisters, you may think that he or she is just there to bug you and get you in trouble. As much as they annoy you and say mean things, they really do love you and look up to you!

  Before I was promoted from sixth grade to seventh grade, my younger sister, who is now 11 and I went to the same school and we saw each other every day at snack recess. We liked being at the same school because we got to see each other everyday and drive from home to school and vice versa together. But when I was leaving elementary school to go to seventh grade, my sister was very sad and at the end of the ceremony, I gave her a hug and asked her, “Why are you sad?” she answered, “I just realized how much I am going to miss you when you go to middle school and I won’t get to see you at school everyday.” When she said that, I was sad that we would not see each other so much but, I knew that she loved me and that we would still see each other in the morning before school, after school, and on the weekends. Although middle school comes with much responsibility and homework, I still have time to hangout with my sister, who I myself admire and love. So next time you think that your sibling is just a buggy little nuisance, remember this!

Saturday, April 16, 2016

My First Post

Hello, my name is Sydney! I am a 12 year old and I live in California. I have started, and am now ¾ of the way through 7th grade in middle school, and I know that other people out there are going through it, too. In this blog I will be talking about my life, middle school, and other important life lessons.
So, in this first blog post, I will be talking about my life experience in middle school. Now, the first thing you will need is binders. At LEAST two! My school has six classes so what I do is I have one HUGE binder that holds all of my classes except for math. Then have one 1-1 ½ inch ish(thickness may vary from school to school) binder for math. The reason why I did this is because a few of my classes don’t give homework. For example, I take a coding class as an elective(a class that is chosen by the student: art, band, reading, multimedia, and a few others) that doesn’t give homework so, now I have only 4 classes in on binder. Then, there is a P.E. program at my school so that leaves me with only 3 classes in one binder. You may be asking, “How does she fit SO many classes in one binder? Why wouldn’t you just buy 6 binders?” Well, my secret is putting file tabs in your binder and then writing the names of your classes on each one. It works very well for me and it is VERY organized!
  Another question you may have is, “Why do would you need a different binder for math and why so thick?” At my school, we have Modules, which is another word for a huge packet of around 85 pieces of paper filled with math! Yay! Plus, I have the several pages of homework(20-30 in each module) that also has to fit in the binder. Sometimes, I have two modules in my binder at a time because my math class does these things called Assignment Checks that check how well you know what is in the homework and modules. After we finish doing the Assignment Checks on a certain module, we can take the module out. That is why you might need a different binder for math.
  Thank you for reading my first blog post! I hope it helped you! Leave a comment if you have any questions about middle school and I will do my best to help answer it!-SydneyMar 27, 2016 7:37:02 PM.jpg
The picture above is my math binder
Mar 27, 2016 7:39:55 PM.jpg
The picture above is the inside of my math binder
Mar 27, 2016 7:43:17 PM.jpg

This last picture is my big binder that holds my other 3 subjects(science, history and English).