Saturday, June 25, 2016

Gravity Falls Fan? Here are some cute craft Ideas!

My friend an I are HUGE fans of the animated show, Gravity Falls. Today, we decided that it would be fun to make some Gravity Falls crafts! Here are the crafts that we did!
Here are clay models of Mabel, Dipper(who's real name is actually Michael!), and Waddles. Made from polymer clay.

This is the author's(Ford's) first journal. Made from an old journal covered with red-painted paper. I used tin foil for the hand, the corners, and the eye glass. On the back of the journal, there is the circle of symbols that can be used to defeat Bill.

These are Dipper(aka Michael) and Mabel balloon dolls. They are made of one or two balloons, brown, rough yarn, and fabric. Dipper has a large magnifying glass, and Mabel has her signature grapelling hook!

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